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JC Tour Trip Excursion
PP + Khai by Speed Boat(General)
James Bond Canoe
James Bond Canoe by Speed Boat
Similan Island by Speed Boat
Raya Island Day Trip
Rafting + ATV + Elephant Trekkingi
PP Maya Bamboo
PP Island day trip by big boat
3 Eggs Archipelago and Dolphin Show
Big Buddha + Elephant Trek
Punchang Cave + James Bond + Panyee
Krabi Day Trip by Luxury and Speed Boat
Khao Sok Bamboo Rafting
ATV 2 Hrs at SongPrak
Hong by Starlight Canoeing Trip
Classic Sunset Cruise Promthep Cape
Khaolak Bamboo Rafting
3 Temples + Coral Island
Surin Island by Speed Boat
Song-Prak: ATV Ride and Elephant Bathing
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling at Coral Island
Splash Jungle
Full Moon Party : JC Tour
Trip to Lanta Island
Lipe Island 4 Days 3 Nights
Dolphin Show
Premium Package
JamesBond Private Tour
Big Head Ghost Canoe : JC Tour
Half day safari and canoeing
Khao-Lak Mountain + Waterfall + Safari Trekking
2 Days 1 Night Krabi and Lanta Island
Phuket Museum
Trip 3 Days 2 Nights to Nakonsri Thamarath
Khaosok Safari Premium Private Trip : JC Tour
Khaosok Ranong and Khaolak Private Trip : JC Tour
Trang Province (8 Islands)
4 Island Krabi from Phuket : JC Tour
4 best of Phuket Mountain View : JC Tour
The Beach of Phuket : JC Tour
Phuket City Tour : JC Tour
Flying Fox and Safari Trekking
Climbing Up Mountain Safari Trek
Dolphin Show and 2 Temples
Day Trip Nature Game Tubing at Kapong
2 Days 1 Night Rafting
Bangla Patong 2 Days 1 Night
Botanic Garden and Aquarium and Lunch
Jamesbond Canoe Half Day
Bamboo Rafting + ATV + Elephant Trekking
Krabi Package : JC Tour
Maithon Coral Yacht Caramaran
Lipe Island 3 Days 2 Nights
PhangNga Krabi PhiPhi Overnight
Pungchang Cave and Manohra Waterfall and Monkey Cave Temple
Phuket Town Discovery Walking
Phuket Must See Places
Private Trip to Banana Beach Coral Island
Canoe Private Trip 4 Sea Caves
Krabi Private Trip Canoe and Snorkeling
Private Phangnga Discovery Eco
All Activity in Phuket and White Water Rafting
Honeymoon Package on Coconut Island
3Hrs Canoe and Lod Cave and Koranee Stream
Safari Adventure and Camping on the Hill
Beautiful Sea Day PP Island 2 Days 1 Night
Krabi and Phangnga Eco Day Trip
3 Days 2 Nights Khao Sok+Chiewlarn Lake
Nature is all Around
High Valued Package PP Island
Khai and Yaow Island Snorkeling and Canoeing
Survey James Bond 007  Leisure on Phang Nga Bay
Classic Light of Holiday Life
Scenery Green Day James Bond Island
Surrounding Andaman Sea by Speed Boat
Around The Clock : JC Tour
Krabi Water Nature Concern
Pure Preserved Nature at Thalen Bay
4 Islands Snorkeling Phuket
The Hong Paradise and Long Island
Private Speed Boat and Canoe in PhangNga Bay
Pearl Farm and Khai Island
Coral and Rung Yai island
Pearl Island
Jamesbond and Krabi Highlight Day Trip
Khai and PP Island by Big Boat
Unlimited Discovery Private Trip
Special Day Tour Concerns Safari
Every Points PP Island
Trang and Krabi 2 Days 1 Night
The Southern Sightseeing
Overnight on the Lake
12 Island Overnight
Small Island Lover Day Trip
Package of Sai-Yuan 2 Days 1 Night
Cave, Temple and Mangrove Kayaking
Phuket Safari Concern : Little Amazon
Koh Maithon by Speed Boat and Yacht Cruising
Coral Island by Yacht and Spa
3 Days The Simple but great Package
The grand 5 Stars Package
Rafting with Accommodation
Koh Payam 2Days 1Night
Khai Island Full Day Trip
Charter Local Boat from Phuket
Jamesbond Canoe View Point by Comfortable Boat
Visit the Dam and Sleep on the Mountain
Koh Payam and Khaosok 3 Days 2 Nights
Koh Payam 3 Days 2 Nights
Local Beautiful Island - Yao Yai
The Premium Moment in Phangnga
Raya Island Diving and Snorkeling
2Days1Night Yao and Khai Island
2Days1Night Maithon Long Love Story Island
Halal Food Package 3Days 2Nights
Journey to Secret Land Khao Nha Yak and Little Savanna
Phuket Original Culture
Southern Mountain Lake and River 2Days
2Days 1Night PP Island by Big Boat
Yachting Private Nomad
Nature Park + 3 Hidden Temples
Full Day Phuket Pearl Farm and Temples
Bang-Pae Safari Observing
3 Temples + James Bond Island
Krabi Hong Island and PhangNga Jamesbond Island
PP Island and Maithon Island
Phuket Fantasea Show and Half Day City Tour
3 Points on 3 Islands
Jamesbond and White Sand Island Higher Trip
Coral and Racha Island by Yacht
Over Water, On Tree Top 3Days Khaosok
Outer 2 Days 1 Night: Nature Island Tour Surin Ra Khai Islan
The Island Untold Koh Pah
Phuket City Tour 6 Hrs
3 Eggs of 3 Islands by Caramaran
Running Bullock Beach of Chumphon
The Eco Green Island Paluay Island
The new story snorkeling Chumphon Thailand
New Selectons: Chumphon Archipelago
Similan and Cloth Island 2Days 1Night Overnight on Khor Khaw Island
Yao Yai Island The Higher
3Magic Temple and Elephant Cave The Higher
Impressions Phangnga Day Trip(Private)
Patong Eco Adventure Half Day
Special Phuket Full Day
The best of Small: 3 Islands (The Higher Trip)
The Bay Kayak by Wooden Local Boat
Lone Island Day Trip
2 Days 1 Night - Nature and Snorkeling
3 Days 2 Nights: Koh Lipe Island Higher Trip
Sand Coral Island
Local Boats: From Koh Yao
Longtail and Bay: Phi Phi Island
Route for Charter Longtail Boat from PP
The Forest, New experience, you buy for
The Forest Breath: 2 Days 1 Nights, Jungle experience
Far Difference Phuket 3 Days 2 Nights
Nice on 365 Days/Year, Charter boat to Island
Mix Program: Phuket + Yacht + Island
5 Top View Points: Around Phuket
The Last Paradise of Thailand: Koh Lipe
Koh Tao - Turtle Island.
Sincere Area: Surratthani One day Full
Merit Silent: 3 Temples of Phuket
Khao Sok, Khao Lak one day from Phuket
Island Hidden 2 Days 1 Night
2 Islands Catamaran Yacht
The Situation can't stop you
The magic - unseen view points
Hay Island,  the best is near
One day Jet Ski tour
Koh Phi Phi: Difference and More
All 007 Scenes Trip
Full Moon Party and Koh Tao Island
Thailand Bay: New Destinations. Koh Tao Pha-Ngan
Koh Bon Island Half Day Afternoon
Koh Payam: Holiday and  Activities
Rock Climbing & Railay Bay
Bon and Temple Islet
Sunset Cruise Coral Island + Promthep Cape by Yacht Catamaran
PP Island Day Trip - late morning tour
Island Day : Bon Island - Quiet, nice and without crowds
All Attractions on land
All Attractions on land
Private Trip Request

Welcome to JC Tour (Phuket)

Telephone +66 89 5727603 +66 89 5727603 Whatsapp +66 84 8053153 +66 84 8053153 Email jctourphuket@gmail.com jctourphuket@gmail.com

Jc... Tour (Phuket)
is the tour maker which does the tour trip just in three Provinces of Thailand's southern, Krabi, Phang-Nga & Phuket.

For any one who needs the holiday gets more value.

PP Island and Khai Island : JC Tour
PP Island is the place which is separated to be two parts - Phi Phi Lay & Phi Phi Don. The tourist on Phi Phi Don must rent a boat to see the outer beautiful point such as Loh Samah bay, Peleh Cove, Hing-Klang, Camel Rock, Viking cave or Khai Island.
More detail

James Bond Canoeing in Phang Nga : JC Tour
In Phang-Nga Bay, there are a lot of different shapes of Mountains, Islands, Lakes and Caves. Some are in the cave, some in the mountain and some in the forest.
More detail

Similan Island by Speed Boat
All the tourists who journey to Andaman See, they must reach here. This is the word to say "No see Similan Islands, never reached Andaman Sea."...
More detail

Private Speed Boat Canoeing in Phangnga Bay Speed Boat : JC Tour
This route has been set for anyone needing a great day to discover Phang-Nga Bay; the most beautiful bay for boat cruising of Andaman. (You can see quite clearly...
More detail

Raya Island + Coral Island Day Trip by Speed Boat
Raya Island is the newest interesting place of phuket tourism. The island was just opened to the public last 3 years ago. The nature of the island is complete. It's a mix of sea, sun, sand, nature, clear water, fishes, coral reef and beach...
More detail

Rafting + ATV + Elephant Trekking
As well, there are two classes of the package of Rafting Upper Class and Lower Class. But, you will always get the Top VIP Upper Class only by booking with Jc.Tour (Phuket)
More detail

Khai Island and Jamesbond Island
This is the special trip combined between James Bond Island and Snorkeling Island - Koh Khai. Within one day, you can do a great snorkeling on the beautiful island - Khai Island and...
More detail

Charter Local Boat (Long-Tail Boat) to the Islands
Jc.Tour Phuket co-operated to the local owner of Long Tail Boat Phuket around the Island that we offer nice service (Thai style) passing the "Long Tail Boat Charter" to every Islands...
More detail

Coral and Raya Island by Yacht Caramaran
The full day yachting to the near island for Sightseeing, Snorkeling and Fishing. The Yachting Route which is agreed for boat tourists is...
More detail

Big Buddha + Elephant + Monkey Show + Local Market
Big Buddha is the most popular point of Phuket island, nowadays. With the biggest Buddha on the highest mountain and 180 degree view of the island, the words "Never Big Buddha, Never Phuket"...
More detail

Phuket City Tour One Day Trip
Phuket City Tour :
We are very happy to set this trip, Sightseeing around Phuket. We need all tourists who come to visit Phuket to have a chance to touch real Phuket.
More detail

Khaolak Bamboo Rafting
Khao Lak Safari is suitable for the people who like to discover the completed nature by unique bamboo rafting. Just open this file, you get more information.
More detail

Hong by Starlight Canoeing Trip
Hong by Starlight Canoeing is a great trip for those who love "Trip starts, when the other stops" Canoeing trip by this program you will get into Phang-Nga Bay, Caves, Lakes or Hong at the atmosphere of nearly dark...
More detail

Private Trip of 3 Temples with Coral Island
This trip is just for the people who love to see the Buddhist Art, Buddhist Cultural and Buddhist Religion way...
More detail

Punchang Cave
+ James Bond Island + Panyee Island
The highlight point of Phang-Nga Bay which all newcomers must visit. "The Giant Fishing Villages which are floating on the Water in Phang-Nga Gulf"...
More detail

PP Island by Big Boat
In the case of you don’t like to take a seat on the speed boat, the big luxury boat for a one day tour trip to Phi Phi Island is the best choice...
More detail

Bamboo Rafting + ATV + Elephant Trekking
Top Activities: (All excursions at Khao Lak & Phang-Nga) If you love discovery, no reason to say no ...
More detail

Pungchang Cave + Manohra Waterfall + Monkey Cave Temple
Pung Chang Cave + Manohra Waterfall + Monkey Cave Temple: On this day tour you will be able to see the places and pictures which are very difficult to find...
More detail

Jamesbond Island + View Point + Canoeing
The trip offers to see all things concerning Phang-Nga Bay; James Bond Island, Hong Island by Canoeing, and the different corners seeing Phang-Nga over...
More detail

Life Time with Elephant Barback and Shower
The tour offers not just Elephant Trekking, but you can touch the Real of Elephant LifeStyle. We train and show you every corner of elephant's nature...
More detail

Emerald Island Hong Island Krabi
Hong Island; It was considered to be the best place for relaxing in Thailand. We stop on this Island to discover around as well as do the snorkeling around...
More detail

Khai Snorkeling and Tamtalu Cave canoe by Private Boat
This package is perfect for those who love to do both snorkeling and canoeing on the same day with a Private Speed Boat, relaxing and flexible trip, especially perfect for lovely Childs...
More detail

Maithon Island Day Trip
The Clear Blue Sea Water at Mai-Thon Island. The very clear water makes it very easy to see the marine life under the sea very easy, the heaven for snorkeling...
More detail

Luxury Boat to PP Island
Jc. Tour Phuket tried very hard to invest and set up the trip for everyone to visit PP Island and Bamboo Island. For every people can get the best experience for PP Island Trip by Speed Boat
More detail

Flying Hanuman
The new adventure game of Phuket, it is a mix of Relaxation, Nature Discovering and Adrenaline. We pass this new adventure to you on 28 platforms....
More detail

Phuket Safari Concern
The trip provides for any tourist who loves to use a day of whole holiday time visiting the safari place. This excursion takes you to visit The Waterfall which is hidden in the safari,...
More detail

Khai Island Day Trip
One Day trip to snorkeling around Khai Island. Full of fishes and coral reefs. Just one beach around the island with a very white sand beach....
More detail

Phi Phi Sunrise Maya Bay Bamboo Island Day Trip
Avoid crowded tourists; to get a nice sunrise view, and get a full feeling of wonderful emotion of early morning time. 100% guaranteed this is the best moment to visit Phi Phi Island.....
More detail

Phangnga Sunrise Tour
Visiting Phang Nga in the early bird time, get a more beautiful view and a non crowded atmosphere.....
More detail

Big Head Ghost Canoe Package
Sea canoeing tours have become a very popular day trip for tourists nowadays; because you can see all the hidden beautiful places. Sometimes those places are in the caves or...
More detail

Journey to Secret Land Khao Nha Yak
This trip is about the land which other people can not touch. Jc.Tour is set up as a special for the people who really love to discover new things......
More detail

Khai Island and Jamesbond Island
This is the one you can call the best for Sea Tour. The package visits the islands for both snorkeling and Discovery on the same day......
More detail

Classic Sunset Cruise Promthep Cape
The Luxury Cruise has the pleasure to take you for a breathtaking sunset cruise in the Andaman sea...
More detail

PP Island + Maithon Island + Khai island by Speed Boat
To avoid the crowded people and the old places (Those you may have been before or the places were destroyed by the crowded tourist) This trip is all different: The new destination, the nature is full......
More detail

Maithon, Raya and Coral Island
Maithon, Raya and Coral Island
The best island tour at Phuket. It is going to be a very popular destination, because the price is not too high and...
More detail

Over Water, On Tree Top Khaosok Forest
The excursions are: Green Forest, Lake, Mountains, Rivers and Fog. The trip of excursion leads you into the thick safari of Thailand's northern - the highest ecology of forest life of....
More detail

Savannah Field and Coral Reef
Jc.Tour Phuket has set up the "Savannah Field and Coral Reef" for one day Excursion. We pick up customers from Phuket or Khaolak to discover the program daily......
More detail

3 Eggs of 3 Island by Catamaran
Visiting the Beautiful Andaman Sea at the clearest sea water point - The archipelago of Egg island. There are 3 islands in the area which are full of coral reefs and marine life...
More detail

Black Rock Cliff + Hidden Bay Snorkeling
This trip is special for the people who love to see the nature places without the crowd. The package included hiking, passing nature up to the most beautiful oversea view point of Phuket - Black Rock Cliff...
More detail

Black Rock Cliff + Hidden Bay Snorkeling
All-Terrain Vehicle: ATV. The ATV Cars will be the same popular around Asia-Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia etc..- Because ATV Rider is the one of the funny things to do. The fun will be...
More detail

Similan and Cloth Island Overnight on Khor Khaw Island
The inventive package for island lovers, visiting the beautiful one - Similan Island and the unseen sandy beach on Cloth Island. More special for this trip is "One night on a rural island - Koh Khor Khaw Island...
More detail

3 Magic Temples + Elephant Cave
The day tour was a beautiful day, to visit 3 Amazing Temples in the far Province from Phuket- Phang Nga and Krabi, and discover the amazing cave - the cave is in the area of private space, so not many...
More detail

2Days1Night Nature and Snorkeling
Jc.Tour had set up the most virgin island - Surin Island and the stunning lake - Chiew Lan Dam's Lake to be "2 Days 1 Night Package - Nature and Snorkeling...
More detail

Local Boats: From Koh Yao
Longtail boat trip to find out the unknown feeling on the several islands around Long Island for any one who has a plan for holiday, vacation or staying on Yao (longs) Island...
More detail

The Forest, New experience
"The real beautiful don't ask for attention", you must find it - Concerning daring enough to go out to meet the unknown....
More detail

The Last Paradise of Thailand: Koh Lipe
All areas on the island are most virgin - white sandy beaches around the Island, absolutely clear sea water, and full of marine life in every bay. By the completely virgin....
More detail

Koh Tao - Turtle Island.
Koh Tao or Turtle Island is the same place, It is on the Thai Bay Sea, the island is located quite far away from the mainland, that makes the water around it....
More detail

The Forest Breath: 2 Days 1 Nights, Jungle experience
The trip was a private group from Phuket. On the first day of the trip you visit the most fertile tropical forest - at the Agent Forest Level, by walking. To get pure oxygen contains....
More detail

Merit Silent: 3 Temples of Phuket
The merit silence day tour shows you all concerning the temples - visiting 3 of must go temples in Phuket Island. The temples can show and....
More detail

All 007 Scenes Trip
This day trip will show you all the nice and magical locations, every beautiful point; Hong Islands, sea caves under the limestone mountains, mangrove safari....
More detail

Koh Bon Island Half day afternoon tour
This trip will take you to the island and make you feel so private on the beach. "Real relaxing on virgin island" - No hotel, no beach traders, no crowd....
More detail

Hay Island,  the best is near
Hay island is not too far from Phuket, it has so many beautiful points for seeing the colorful marine life on 3 Beaches - front beach, banana beach and....
More detail

Koh Payam: Holiday and Activities
Koh Payam or Payam Island is only one can be considered to be the quiet peaceful Island, there is no any big building on the island, there is....
More detail

PP Island Maya Bay Egg Island late morning
This is a special day trip which is different from the others. The tour starts in the late morning at about 10.30 am, and is a wonderful day time as....
More detail

The magic - unseen view points
Seven different feelings of tour trip - jungle discovery, wonderful black cliff, meadow cliff middle, stony exploring along the sea, waves attacking the rocks point, virgin nature grass field slope and....
More detail
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The Historical of Phuket
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Chumphon's Archipelago
Catamaran - 3 Eggs of 3 Islands
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Prathong 4 Island 2Days 1Night
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2Days1Night Elephant Bath Mountain and Dam
Life time with Elephant
Local Beautiful Island Yao Yai Island
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Khaosok Coral Cave Overnight on Raft House
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Khai Island Half Day Trip
Coral Island and Sea Sport
Longtail Boat Charter to Coral Island
Little Amazon Safari
Emerald Island Hong Krabi Day Trip
Phuket Tour in Town
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Impression Moment of 3 Khai Islands
Classic Sunset at PhangNga Bay
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Krabi Earth Package Day Trip
The Dam - Chewlan Lake Safari Tour
The Activities of Natures Fun
Flying Hanuman
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