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The Forest Breath: 2 Days 1 Nights, Jungle experience
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Welcome to Jc Tour Khaosok

We look after closely the best experience about the tour which is handed to you.

Laos the Beautiful Rural Country: beautiful nature is covered in every square inches. Every people around the world always love Laos and Laos people: they are so smiling, soft and nice to the tourist. All environment of Laos is virgin nature: River, Forest, Rice Field, Garden, Homes and the way of life.

Jc.Tour - World had inspected all the area of Laos Republic and collects the beautiful and interesting places in Laos to be the Best Tour Package - for all tourist from around the world who love to see "The real Rural Virgin Country."

Khaosok National Jungle Conservation
The Jungle Life package is for the wild Safari Discovery Lovers, includes the accommodations on the tree top amid the jungle of Sok Mountain's valley, and plus the activities with the wholesome nature in the safari.................................
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The Fertile Coral Reef Point
The package to discovery the peaceful area of Khaosok Mountain National Park, It offers the best way of having a great time with holiday period in the jungle.................................
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The Rapid White Water Rafting
The extreme adventure amid the nature is the one thing to do we recommend for you, if you are having holiday time at Khaosok. This tour is just only one day trip.........................
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One Day Lake Chiewlan Dam
Lake Day Tour: discovery into the giant lake of Cheowlan Dam, the beautiful nature around as well as the signature points and fun activities amid the mountains around.........................
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Badass Adventure
This package offers the day trip to do activities amidst the nature at Song-Prak Safari, Ride the ATV passing the off road, and do the rafting in rapid river in the nature.........................
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Big Head Ghost Cave and Temple
Visiting the beautiful temple and continue to discovery the Big Head Ghost cave is the one of exciting day tour from Khaosok, the tour offers.........................
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Khaolak - Waterfall and Hidden Beach
The trip as the private group from Phuket. On the first day of the trip you visit the most fertile tropical forest - at the Agent Forest Level, by walking. To get pure oxygen contains Negative Ions.........................
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Little Amazon and Jungle Beach
Little Amazon is the canal at Takuapa, it is passing the thick jungle, there are many things to see: wild animal, beautiful birds, nice jungle flowers etc.........................
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White Cloth Island or Koh Pah Day Trip
White Cloth Island or Koh Pah can be considered as the Untold Island, there is a few tourists know about this virgin Island. This trip leads you to the island which is unseen and no crowd..........
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