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Elephant training (Mahout) Course day trip
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Chiang Mai - Concerns
3 Days 2 Nights: Holiday in Chiang Mai.

ChiangMai Concerns is a package which mixes all the beautiful interesting destinations of Chiang Mai. The production team of Jc.Tour had selected carefully to make sure that all places are the real signature and highest value to visit. All in all, when you book this package means you will get the real ChiangMai.

We recommend you to see all the highlighted pictures of the destinations in the program, read all the details and study the program carefully, before submitting the booking. To make sure that this Chiangmai tour package is the highest value for your holiday.

Doi Monjam + Hill Tribes + Elephant Center

Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour
Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour

Monjam is the beautiful hill among the complicated other 20 hills the green of tree, the white of fog and the weather is fresh and cool make this hill is on the top destination to visit in Chiang Mai. On the same way, we stop at the Elephant Center located in the jungle - Elephants shows, or if you like you can do short elephant trekking. Afterward, the tour guide walked down from the hill to show the 8 Villages of 8 tribes. See all the species of hill tribes in different living life.

Underworld City- Unseen of Thailand

Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour
Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour

Underworld City is Wieng Kumkam in Chiangmai Language. This historical place covers more than 20 Square acres. We use the horse carriage slowly running around the place passing the oldest village, historical palace and 9 historical ruin temples. The tour guide explains all details  about this old place and you can learn the history of Thailand's Northern people.

Doi-Suthep and Doi-Come.

Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour
Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour

Doi-Come is a different site in Chiang Mai, when you arrive on the top, you can see the Chiang mai forest at 180 degrees. And on Doi-Come, there is one holy Deity in which you can make a wish - the people always get what they have made.

Doi-Suthep: This place you must not miss if you come to Chiang mai. It is in the center town of Chiangmai. You can see 180 Degrees of Chiang Mai Town. And the golden pagoda with the relic of the Lord Buddha installed. The pagoda was built following the Art of Lanna Architect. This temple is on the Hill in a different direction from Doi-Come.

Inthanon Hill + 1,000 Years Rose + Wachirathan Waterfall

Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour
Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour

Doi-Inthanon: It is the highest hill of Thailand - 2565 meter hight from the sea level. And on the top will be full of beautiful species trees, forest flowers and the 1000 years rose can bee seen here. There is the walkway into the forest to touch the safari closer. At the middle of the hill, there is the beautiful waterfall located amidst the safari - the water is very clear and purity, the nature around is very virgin.

Le-Meridien hotel in the Best Location.

Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour

In this special package, we select the Le-Meridien with Deluxe Room. The hotel is located in the best location of Chiangmai Town - Chiangmai Night Bazaar. This allows you to come out from your hotel to see and walk around along the road at the evening time.

Program :
Day 1 The minibus of Jc.Tour picks up Chiangmai Airport or every hotel in Chiangmai town area. We continue to follow the trips of the package.
09:00 AM: Arrival Doi Monjam (Or Jam Hill) which is located on the best location of many hills in the area - A great piece of green nature safari covered on the complicated mountain view with the fresh wind makes your soul happy. The Position Ions in the pure Oxygen get in your body and urge your creative session brain immediately.
11:30 AM: Stop at the Elephant Care Center. The center is located in the large thick Safari which is a great location for real big animals like the elephants. This place makes all the elephants in the center feel so happier than the other.
- See the intelligence of the Elephants, Elephant Shows at Work, Elephant Dance, Elephant writing the pictures. All the activities, the elephants feel fun and happy to do - Nothing controls them.
13:00 PM: Having Lunch.
14:00 PM: Visiting the Eco Villages Center of Hill Tribes, In this center has 8 villages with 8 difference tribes - Yao Tribe, Hmong tribe, Padaung  tribe, Kayaw tribe, Karen tribe , Lahu tribe, Palong tribe and Arkha tribe.
- Study different villages with different lifestyles. Great place for visiting, Studying, and talking to the tribes.
16:30 PM: Back to Chiangmai town. Check in at the Le-Meridien(or Movenpick Hotel) in the best location of the town - Chiangmai Night Bazaar (The good place for walk out along the road for funny shopping or seeing chiang mai town people)
- Free time for discovery Chiangmai Night Bazaar in front of your hotel.
19:00 PM: The car picks up for North Culture Dinner while  enjoying the show of north traditional and hill tribes shows.
21:00 PM: Back to the hotel.

Day 2
07:00 AM: Breakfast at the hotel
08:00 AM: We pick up from the hotel and continue to see the Unseen place of Thailand - Underworld City of Vieng Kumkam.
09:00 AM: Arrival at the place. Change to Horse Carriage - Slowly, but fun. The horse with the high expert tour guide shows and explains to you all the large area of the historical city. It takes your soul back to the 350 years before.
10:00 AM: We arrived at the Hill Top of Doi Come.

- Doi Come Temple on the hill Top - Seeing around 180 Degree View of Chiang Mai and See the Golden Pagoda on the Hill

- Meet The Prophecy Oracle - Luang Poh Tunjai. Make wish (Many people proved that they always got what they had wished) and show respect by jasmine garland
12:00 PM: Having Lunch.
14:00 PM: Arriving at the place you must reach if you come to Chiangmai - "you missed this place means you never come to Chiangmai". Doi Suthep Temple.

- The beautiful views of Chiang Mai Town. The real charm of Lanna Architecture Pagoda with relics  of the Lord Buddha installed. "Charming attacks inside your heart."
16:00 PM: "Wat Chedi Luang" This temple is in the Center of Chiang Mai - located in the inner center of Chiangmai. The Grand Historical Pagoda is the best in town.
17:00 PM: Back to the Hotel.

- This evening is free time for you. As well as the dinner is not included, the chance to walk around and find out some good local food, some good restaurant, or street food. This can make you know more about ChiangMai.

Day 3 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 AM: Check out, and keep the luggage in the car. We run up to the highest mountain of Thailand, Inthanon Mountain. (Or Doi Inthanon Was Chiangmai's language)
10:00 AM: Arrival Doi Inthanon on the Top it is over the sea level at 2565 Meters. We started the tour by Forest Walkway to see a beautiful nature garden with many species of forest flowers as well as 100 years Roses - So nice and beautiful.
11:00 AM: Visit the twin beautiful Pagodas with the relic of the Load Buddha installed.  The beautiful nature around and inside the pagoda is very nice for discovery and sightseeing.
12:00 PM: Friendship Restaurant is nice for Lunch.
13:00 PM: Stop to see the things of Market Tribes, they sell the fresh vegetables, fruits, etc from their farm as well as many other handmade goods.
14:00 PM: The centers of flower research. This place is the center of beautiful forest flowers. It is the station of all kinds of beautiful safari flowers. They make the "Demo Plot".
15:00 PM: Vachiratharn Waterfall - Beautiful virgin waterfall located in the thick forest. This waterfall is higher than the sea water level at 760 Meters. This waterfall is considered by tourists to be the high valued one to visit.
17:00 PM: The car takes you back to Chiangmai and transfers you back to the Airport or somewhere you like to go in every place in the Chiangmai town area.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

Price :(Private Trip)
Adult 11,800 Baht/person (Double Room)
Child 9,900 Baht/person (3-10 years old)

Tour Package Includes

  • R/T transfer from Airport (Private Car)
  • 3 Days Tour by Private Trip
  • Private English Tour Guide
  • Accommodation at Le-Meridien Hotel on the Location of Chiangmai Night Bazaar (or Movenpick Hotel)
  • Meals (follows the program)
  • All entrance fee to the places (Follow the program)
  • Insurance as Inbound registered No 34/00235
Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour Chiangmai Concerns : JC Tour

Remark: This trip is right reserved by Jc.tour provider only, no for sale in any OTA (Online Travel Agent)

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