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Lipe island day trip
(Koh Lipe from Hatyai)

Full day tour - Koh Lipe island by Jc.Tour
Lipe island: top class snorkeling point in Thailand

The trip is very good and of high value for you as you are having a holiday in Hatyai city.

Koh Lipe or Lipe island is located in the Andaman sea of Stun province area. There are 4 islands and 6 points for snorkeling around in a one day trip. Especially the tourist who is having holiday in Hatyai town and looking for a great day tour trip in the holiday time. Lipe island snorkeling is the best choice.

Before submitting the booking, we recommend you see the highlights and read all details or whatsapp +66 84 8053153 or call +66 89 5727603 for 24 hours detail.

White sandy beach

Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip

If you love the beach, you like the soft sand, you like the white sandy beach and you love the clear water wave touching the sand, you must visit here. "white sandy beach."

This one day tour takes  you to relax on this beach as well as serve the lunch of the day.

Adang-Rawi under sea river

Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip
Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip

The twin islands are located in the same line and the sea water in between is the great site for snorkeling. Full of 7 colours coral, the million kinds of beautiful fishes and the others of all species of coral can be seen. The snorkeling point is the master site for snorkeling tourists around the world. "You must not miss it."

Cha Bang island: this is the best point for snorkeling in Thailand (Yes, I mean this is the best site for snorkeling in Thailand.) There are 7 coral reefs. The coral reef safari covers all areas that allow you to snorkel unlimitedly. We promised that you never miss hope with this point.

Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip

Rawi island: We stop here for lunch on the white sandy beach. The temporary restaurant is located on the beach.

Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip

Song Bay: Or Aow Song is the best place for seeing fishes - a million kinds of fishes that  you can play with them by snorkeling among.

Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip

Khai island: The place you must not miss" To take the memory photo with the natural stone gate. Walking along the beach which is very filled and white - looks like powder for the face.

The Shiny Black Rock island

Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip Lipe Island Day Trip

This island is amazing in shape. The island looks like a giant pile of stones. All of the island is covered by stones. The water is very clear. You can swim and snorkeling from the rock beach. "We guarantee that you will like this island very much."

07:00 AM: Pick up from every hotel in Hatyai.
08:30 AM: Check in with the private office of Jc.Tour at Pak-Bara pier. During that time, we serve hot tea and coffee with Thai sweets.
09.30 AM: Be ready and depart from the pier to Koh Lipe island.
- Visit Hin Ngam island (Great to see fishes and beautiful stones)
- Cha Bang island (For the best point snorkeling in Thailand)
12.00 PM: We serve lunch on white long beach of Koh Rawi island. And enjoy walking along after lunch.
14.00 PM: Visit Aow Song bay for snorkeling among the million kinds of fishes. This is the real paradise of fish  lovers.
15.00 PM : We leave Aow Song to Koh Khai or Khai island, "you must not miss it" , take a great photo with a natural stone gate and a deserved white sand beach and then the speed boat runs fast to the last island of the day - Tarutao island. (See the old museum concerns the oldest and strongest prison on the island. As well as walk around the island to see all nature which is kept very well.
16.30 PM: Depart from Tarutao island to the pier.
17.00 PM: Arrival the pier: sip the cool drinks and our minibus pick you up back to your hotel.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

Tour Includes:

  • Pick up and drop off from every hotel in Hatyai and Trang.
  • Equipment for snorkeling
  • English tour guide
  • Soft drinks (Coke, Fanta and drinking water)
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Insurance. 500,000 Baht.

Price :
Adults: 3,600 Baht/Person
Child: 2,900 Baht/Person (4-9 Years Old)

What to bring

  • Spare cloth
  • Swimming suit
  • Sun block lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach towel
  • Big smile
  • Pocket money (In case shopping on walking street of Lipe island)
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