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All around Samui.
7 Hours tour around the island with all interesting places.

The trip is very suitable for the visitors by Cruise ship. Or the people who love to make every minute of their holiday on Koh Samui to be the top valued time.

The tour trip offers to show you every "must go points" around the island. As well as, you will have enough time to explore the places in the package (private trip, no need too hurry.)

There are more than 10 interesting places around the island included in the trip, we recommend you to read the details, see the highlighted pictures and study the program below, before submitting the booking.Or............... to make sure to get full details to be the composition of your last consideration, just contact: Whatsapp : +66848053153 Line Id: @jctour or Call +66895727603.

The Seaside Walkway.

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui
All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

At the end of the Samui, there is the walkway on the seaside about 1 kilometer from Lami beach to Chaweng beach. You can walk to get a nice view along the way. This activity can make you get full of gorgeous photos in memory.

Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui
All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

Storied natural rock formations known for bearing a resemblance to male & female genitalia. However, if you come here to enjoy the stunning scenery which is covered by nature, a little bit down, you will see the virgin beach hidden in the rocks. It is a landmark of Koh Samui that you must not miss, any time you reach Samui Island.

Big Buddha Point

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

The big Buddha on Samui island is located on the small island in the bay, you can walk pass by the sand bank road. However, there are 3 important points concerning religion. By this trip, you have enough time and we will show you all, don't worry.

Koh Samui - Interesting Points

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

Your car will slowly drive on the outer road - around the island route. You will have a chance to see many interesting places that the other tourists missed. Pagoda on the beach, Temples, local people villages, local school for islanders, local little shops sell the easy products etc...

Stop Walking Street.

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

At the middle of the island, there is a walking point, there are many goods from around the island for sale passing the local people's shop, restaurant, bars, coffee shops and trolley shops. You will very enjoy walking slowly as for window shopping.

Chang Mon, Lamai and Chaweng beaches.

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui
All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui
All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

There are more than 20 beaches around Samui island, but the trip selects 3 gorgeous beaches to stop for your exploring - Lamai beach, Chaweng beach and Choengmon Beach. However, you can ask your tour guide to stop at any place you love during tour time.

Buddha Park:

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

Buddha park located connected to the cliff, the area is covered by nature safari, The wide garden is consisted of variety manner of Buddha statues, as well as the gorgeous plantations has been mixed.

Water fall - Na Muang.

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui
All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

The nice small waterfall of Samui island, it is hidden in the safari with 4 levels of nature rocks, one lake full of clear fresh water at the ground floor rock. The waterfall is surrounded by the gorgeous wild nature of safari. You will love to sit down for relaxing forever or start to swim in the lake is a good idea also.

Guan  Yu Shrine.

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui
All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

Beautiful well maintained statue of Guan Yu. The tour guide will remind you about the long pants and dress appropriately to get inside the shrine. There are so many interesting things all around the area of the shrine. As well as outside there are many stories showing a variety of handmade products for sale. It will be very fun to stop at this important shrine of Samui island.

Brief Programs
09.00 am. Pick up from your hotel, resort, houses or your Cruise Ship on Samui island.
- The English tour guide and our smart driver say hello and welcome you to the tour car.
- Gentle drive on the beach road to
- Wat Khao Chedi.
- Laem Sor Beach.
- On the beach temple.
- Boat Chapel.
- Bang Kaew Beach.
- Father and Mother Rocks.
- World class beach of Samui - Lamai beach.
12.00 pm. Lunch.
- Elephant Head beach.
- Elephant Head view point.
- Stop at the Sea sightseeing walkway to Lad Koh beach.
- Chaweng beach.
- Lamai Beach
- Chang Mon beach.
- Kuay Yu Shrine.
16.00 pm. Big Buddha Temple.
- Great view
17.30 pm. Back to your hotel or Cruise Ship.
  Remark: Time can be flexible¬† by your request.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

All around Samui All around Samui All around Samui

Adult 3,500 Baht/Person
Child 1,500 Baht/Person(4-10 years old)

Tour Includes:

  • Private R/T transfer from your hotel or Cruise Ship and Tour.
  • English Tour Guide.
  • Soft Drinks (Coke, Fanta, Drinking water) prepared on the car.
  • Lunch.
  • Entrance fee to the places.
  • Insurance.
Booking Free Inquiry

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