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Touching the Heaven 4 Days 3 Nights
Gem in Gam 5Days
The beginning of the paradise
Too Short Holiday: But I need the best
Shortest: 2 Days 1 Night
Rajaampat 4 days 3 Nights. (Not Maldive)
Friwen Wall and Japanese Coral Garden
Paradise Retreat 4 Days 3 Nights
The Reef Great for Low Season
One Day Tour - World Top Ten Snorkeling Site
One Day Tour - The passage to Kabui Bay
2 Days 1 Night to Highest Ecology Area-On Gam Island
Rajaampat-Under and On the Sea Adventure
One Day: Heaven of Friwen Wall
Exploring Day Rajaampat
Raja Ampat Survey
7 Days: Exploring Cruise
Adventure Cruise. 10 Days 9 Nights
4 Days Waigeo Pianamo Kabui Bay
Private Trip Request
Simple (Touching the Heaven) the best:
Raja Ampat 4 Days 3 Nights

Friwen Wall (Signature of Paradise Archipelago)

Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven
Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven

Friwen Wall is the real paradise of Snorkeling Tourists. One side is the beach and the other side is the rock panel. The coral paradise garden of coral starts from the water at just half meter. All species of coral can be seen as easily by snorkeling as well as the millions of beautiful fishes. In this package we used about 2 houses staying here.

The nice Home Stay amid the Paradise of Nature.

Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven
Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven

MM Home Stay: located in the area of Privacy amid the paradise of nature, Clear Sea water is around, under water is the completed giant house reef, the panoramic view is just in front of your terrace, the room is simply the best with the 3 big windows that let you touch the nature from your bed. From the terrace of the room, you can jump down to play with a million kinds of fish any time......WOW Guaranteed..

Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven
Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven

The small things under the water that we promised that you will see. It is just in front of your room. We guarantee that our house reef is longer than kilometers. To see beautiful things like this is just shallow snorkeling. This makes the Raja Ampat the best place in the world for snorkeling tours.

Batu Lima: The secret Island is just for Jc.Tour Only.

Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven
Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven Touching the Heaven

Batu Lima is the small island located in the Teluk Kabui Bay, The island has no residence: Juts Beach around, coconut Trees, Safari, Mountain and crystal clear sea water. We come here for an unforgettable snorkeling site. Our tour guide will lead you to meet with the Paradise Garden of Colorful Corals.

Day 1 Jc.Tour Staff welcomes at the Airport of Soroon. And picks up to refresh at Swiss Bell Hotel. As well as the breakfast served (If you arrive in the morning flight)
09:00 AM: We arrange VIP Class Ticket for Express Ferry from Sorong Pier into the Paradise Archipelago - Raja Ampat.
11:00 AM: The Express needs only 1.50 Hours cruising. And we arrive at Waigeo Island (It is called the Capital Island of the Archipelago. We stopped at Waisai Pier to change to Private Boat.
  - Our private boat picks up just your team, and runs into the deep of Paradise where is the location of your accommodation - Homestay style.
11:30 AM: Check In the room over the clear sea water. (Comfortable Room with big windows and terrace)
12:00 PM: The delicious lunch served by our local chef.
14:00 PM: The time to see "what is under the sea in front of your room?" Our tour guide called mobilization.. Jump down to the sea. He trains "how to use the right way of Snorkeling Gears and how to do snorkeling the right way. To make sure that you will not miss anything concerning the beauty of the underwater world.
  - After that, the completed house reef longer than 3 kilometers is waiting for you. Enjoy your snorkeling..."Wow Guaranteed."
18:00 PM: Amid the virgin nature, on your terrace, waiting for the sunset moment as the nice wine, the singing of parrot and a hundred of beautiful fishes swimming under your room. "Romance Hour at the Paradise."
19:00 PM: Dinner Served.

Day 2 Wake up early for the Sunrise Moment.

Cool Weather with hot coffee or tea (We served Coffee and Tea from 05:00 AM)
07:30 AM: Breakfast.
09:00 AM: The private boat leave from the Homes Stay, the boat run directly to

- Mansuar Island - We do snorkeling in the tunnel lake, one side is the mangrove and the other side is the rock panel. The lake is in between full of giant hard coral reefs. Great Place for swimming and seeing the sting rays, turtles, big fishes etc..

- Arborek Island - the world class snorkeling site is at the Jetty. And walking around to see the Islanders life and activities. The white sandy beach surrounds which you can swim and do the snorkeling from every point.
12:00 PM: Afterward, we go to the "alone island" - Ransiwor Island for Picnic lunch at the beach.
14:00 PM: We stop at Kri Island, if you like it, we climb up to the highest hill to see the spectacular overview of 3 Islands. If not, we go snorkeling to see the Sea Green Grass and swim to see the connection between the Bit Coral Reef and Sea Green grass. Many big fishes passing by.
15:00 PM: The Sank Bank Island, it is just the white filled sandy pile on the sea. The water is clear like the mirror, you can see the beautiful view and coral under the water is just naked eyes over the water.
15:30 PM: The wow guaranteed snorkeling site, Friwen Wall. This place is a world class place. It looks like the paradise garden is under the sea....."WOW Guaranteed."
16:30 PM: Come back to your homestay.

- Relaxing on the terrace, on the beach or on the clear shallow water.
19:00 PM: Dinner Served....

Day 3 Breakfast.
09:00 AM: Your private boat leaves from the Home Stay to Batu Lima Island. This island looks like in the MasterPiece Writing Pictures - Beach, Garden, Coconut trees, Safari, Birds and No residence. Our boat stopped on the beach....

Mr. Jiri and his assistance (High expert tour guide of Jc.Tour) leads every one to the starter point (For snorkeling) To make sure that you will not miss any beautiful thing, please follow him. For sure you will miss the exact meaning of paradise..."WOW Guaranteed"
11:00 PM: We leave from the Island to Sightseeing Cruising into the Jurassic Park View. Into the Kabui of Tluk, Batu Pencil Passage Kabui and Climb up to the Top for Unforgettable Overview of Jurassic Park View.
13:00 PM: We come back to Homes Stay for Lunch.
14:00 PM: Our tour guide leads you to get the new experience by walking passing from our beach to the other beach. We stop to talk to the "Real Local People on the Island" See the little school, Little Church and Stop at the Jetty...

- Another Paradise starts: We jump down to see the million kinds of fishes at the jetty and slowly snorkeling passing the stunning field of Coral Reef (Longer than 2 Kilometers) we snorkeling back to the Homes Stay which is a connection....
17:00 PM: After coming back to the room, someone relaxes, someone swims more, someone be funny with feeding fresh fishes to the Sharks. (Yes! Sharks, many just around your room.)
18:00 PM: Dinner...

- Last night in the paradise nature.

Day 4 Early Breakfast
07:30 AM: We must check out, and leave from the Homes Stay to Waisai Pier on Waigeo Island.
09:00 AM: The Express Ferry departs from the Pier to Sorong.
11:00 AM: Jc.Tour Car picks up at the Soroon Harbor to the Airport.

Farewell....Raja Ampat.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

Price :
Adult 950 USD/Person (Twin Sharing) *minimum 2 people booking*
Child 850 USD/Person (3-9 Years)

Tour Includes:

  • R/T Land Transfer Airport of Soroon to Harbour
  • Refreshing Breakfast at Swiss Bell Hotel
  • VIP Seats Express Ferry
  • Compulsory Entry Tag to Marine National Park of Raja Ampat
  • Private Tour Guide and Assistance
  • Private Boat for 2 Days Snorkeling Trips.
  • 9 Islands Visiting
  • Coffee & Tea, Drinking Water is unlimited.
  • All Meals (Full Board)
  • Accomodation
  • Accident Insurance: 20,000 USD

Booking Free Inquiry

Why Jc.Tour?:

  • Jc.Tour works together with the local people. Every profit generated from your payment goes into the hands of local people. Your money makes local life better and keeps nature in Raja Ampat to be paradise of the world forever.
  • We are a team with high experience in Raja Ampat islands. Explore and know all the beautiful places of this archipelago.
  • Giving the Upper Class Service (Excellent Service Every step of the way)
  • All the service personnel undergo service training for a high level service, before providing service to you
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