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2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe
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Two Days Special: Overnight on Horse shoes
Emerald Heart + HorseShoes + Tafook Island + Rope@South Bay Island

Cockcomb Island, Emerald Heart Island, Tafuk Island, Dunkin Island, HorseShoe Island, Zadetkyi  Island, Myanmar Island, Myanmar Sea, Mergui Island, Mergui Archipelago Tour by JC Tour

This special package had been made for the people who need to touch the Nature soul of Andaman Sea - Real Nature. The package Day Trip includes full 2 Days Snorkeling in all beautiful sites of Snorkeling. As well as, a deep getting overnight atmosphere on the beautiful nature island.

We highly recommend to see the highlight pictures and read all the details of the program, before submitting the booking.

Cock-Comb Island or Emerald Heart.

2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe 2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe
2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe 2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe

This island has a lovely heart shape. The heart lagoon is very sharmy to see from the overview. However, the marine life inside the lagoon is more interesting. We stop at the entrance and you can gently swim and snorkeling from out to in.

HorseShoe Island

2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe 2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe
2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe 2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe

On HorseShoe Island is covered by the 4 small islands. The island is hidden in the middle. The white sandy beaches of this island make you feel happy all the time. The snorkeling on the underwater cliff is so nice and you can have a lot of fun. Kayaking, Swimming, Snorkeling or Fishing.

Bamboo Huts on HorseShoe Island

2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe 2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe
2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe 2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe
2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe 2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe

The bamboo Huts are located parallel to the beach. To make sure that all the guests who are staying overnight on this nature island feel so deep with nature. Relaxing on the bamboo terrace, drinking a good drink, Swimming on the crystal clear sea water, doing unlimited site snorkeling, Kayaking around the Island or someone do the Fishing. All in all you feel free....

Program:(Pick Up from Kawthaung  City, Myanmar)
Day 1  
07:30 AM: Pick up from every hotel in Ranong, Thailand.
08:30 AM: The local car of jctour-mergui picks up every hotel in Kawthaung Town Area.
09:00 AM: Check In the list at Kawthaung Jetty. The speed boat picks up from Kawthaung directly to "Mergui Archipelago"
10:30 AM: Arrival on Emerald Island. Starts to do the snorkeling at the entrance of the Lagoon, and swim into the lagoon. The full soft coral reef covered all areas in the lagoon with a hundred species of beautiful fishes.
12:00 PM: Arrival Tafook Island. Here, there are 3 sessions of beautiful beaches. We discovered the beach and went snorkeling from the beach. As well as discovering all the beaches by walking or kayaking.

- The Buffet Lunch served.
14:00 PM: Arrival the "HorseShoe Islands group" The horse shoe is surrounded by the 4 small islands. And the shoe beach is hidden in the middle. The beach is superb. The white sandy beach with the clear crystal sea water. You Can swim and Snorkeling can do all the time.

- We check in at the Bamboo Hut. Nice and Easy accommodations located on the beach line. We use all the left time of the first day by discovering the Island. Kayaking to do Fishing, Snorkeling for new sites and relaxing amid the natures - waiting for sunset.
19:00 PM: BBQ Dinner Served.

- Laying Down and seeing the sky with the sound of the waves  attaching the beach. Wow.....

Day 2  
08:00 AM: Breakfast with Hot Coffee and Tea.

- Relaxing on the beach.
10:30 AM: Tour guide take you out for do the Snorkeling on the Back of the Island (Coral Reef Cave)
11:00 AM: Come back to the Place. And check Out.
12:00 PM: Lunch. Before leaving.
14:00 PM: We leave from the HorseShoe Island to the Beautiful Point for Snorkeling - Coral Jungle Under the water.
14:30 PM: Rope Island and South Bay.

All the area under the water is covered by the thick coral safari with 3 big coral hills. This site is great  for snorkeling. We recommend " Do not miss it"
15:00 PM: We leave from the South Bay, back to Kawthaung.
16:45 PM: Arrival at Kawthaung. The local bus takes you back to your hotel.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

2Days Special Overnight on Horseshoe

Price :
Adult US 175/person (Double Room)
Child US 160/person (3-10 Years)

Extra Pay for Stamped In and Out (Thailand-Myanmar-Thailand) 1750 Baht/Person. This fee, you can pay directly to Immigration Officer.

Tour Includes:

  • Tours
  • Accommodation
  • Soft Drinks
  • All Meal
  • All Equipment for snorkeling
  • All Gears for Kayaking
  • Insurance
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