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PP + Khai + Maya
James Bond Canoe by Speed Boat
Similan Island by Speed Boat
Raya Island Day Trip
Rafting + ATV + Elephant Trekkingi
PP Maya Bamboo
Luxury Boat to PP Bamboo Island
Elephant Trek + Half day safari
Big Buddha + Elephant Trek
Punchang Cave + James Bond + Panyee
Krabi Day Trip by Luxury and Speed Boat
Khao Sok Bamboo Rafting
Chiew Larn Lake Overnight
Hong by Starlight Canoeing Trip
ATV 2 Hrs at Songprak
Khaolak Bamboo Rafting
3 Temples + Coral Island
Surin Island by Speed Boat
Bicycle Phuket Trip
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling at Coral Island
Splash Jungle
Full Moon Party
Trip to Lanta Island
Lipe Island 4 Days 3 Nights
Phuket Zoo
Premium Package
JamesBond Private Tour
Krabi Canoeing Package
Half day safari and canoeing
Khao-Lak Mountain + Waterfall + Safari Trekking
2 Days 1 Night Krabi and Lanta Island
Phuket Museum
Trip 3 Days 2 Nights to Nakonsri Thamarath
Khaosok Safari Premium Private Trip
Khaosok Ranong and Khaolak Private Trip
Trang Province (8 Islands)
4 Island Krabi from Phuket
4 best of Phuket Mountain View
The Beach of Phuket
Phuket City Tour
Flying Fox and Safari Trekking
Climbing Up Mountain Safari Trek
Phuket City Search
Day Trip Nature Game Tubing at Kapong
2 Days 1 Night Rafting

Bangla Patong 2 Days 1 Night
Botanic Garden and Aquarium and Lunch
Jamesbond Canoe Half Day
Bamboo Rafting + ATV + Elephant Trekking
Krabi Package
Reua Jaew Cruising + Safari ATV + Elephant Trekking
Lipe Island 3 Days 2 Nights
PhangNga Krabi PhiPhi Overnight
Pungchang Cave and Manohra Waterfall and Monkey Cave Temple
Phuket Town Discovery Walking
Phuket Must See Places
Private Trip to Banana Beach Coral Island
Canoe Private Trip 4 Sea Caves
Krabi Private Trip Canoe and Snorkeling
Private Phangnga Discovery Eco
All Activity in Phuket and White Water Rafting
Honeymoon Package on Coconut Island
3Hrs Canoe and Lod Cave and Koranee Stream
Safari Adventure and Camping on the Hill
Beautiful Sea Day PP Island 2 Days 1 Night
Krabi and Phangnga Eco Day Trip
2 Days 1 Night Camping
Nature is all Around
High Valued Package PP Island
Khai and Yaow Island Snorkeling and Canoeing
Survey James Bond 007  Leisure on Phang Nga Bay
Classic Light of Holiday Life
Scenery Green Day James Bond Island
Surrounding Andaman Sea by Speed Boat
Around The Clock
Krabi Water Nature Concern
Pure Preserved Nature at Thalen Bay
4 Islands Snorkeling Phuket
The Hong Paradise and Long Island
Private Speed Boat and Canoe in PhangNga Bay
Pearl Farm and Khai Island
Coral and Rung Yai island
Pearl Island
Jamesbond and Krabi Highlight Day Trip
Khai and PP Island by Big Boat
Unlimited Discovery Private Trip
Special Day Tour Concerns Safari
Every Points PP Island
Trang and Krabi 2 Days 1 Night
Relaxing on Koh NakhaNoi Private Trip
Overnight on the Lake
12 Island Overnight
Small Island Lover Day Trip
Package of Sai-Yuan 2 Days 1 Night
Cock Comb Island : Emerald Heart Island
Phuket Safari Concern : Little Amazon
Koh Maithon by Speed Boat and Yacht Cruising
Virgin & Savannah Island
3 Days The Simple but great Package
The Green Mangoes and Similan Tachai Island
Rafting with Accommodation

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By : Eka Prasasti Date : 08/07/2010
Dear Mr. Umpawan, Sorry for late answering your mail, because from phuket, we still continue our traveling to Malaysia and Singapore. Yesterday, we was arrived in Jakarta. My friend and me feel enjoy for using your tour. Your staff was friendly and also your price is cheaper than other. We also really thanks that you offer free pick up from airport to hotel (for the first experience to coming in phuket its really help us). Kin-kin also free. We will using your tour in the next our trip when we will come to phuket, and will recomended your tour to our colleague also but please keep your good performance and give more. Overall your tour is OK and great. Rgrds, Eka.P

By : Agnes Nathacia Elias Date : 06/07/2010
Dear Ms. Kai, Hello again.. ! We are satisfied with your service during our holiday in Phuket. Although island trip changing because of the weather, we glad take the trip to James Bond island and canoeing. It is great ! my daughter love it so much.. The tour guide to James Bond island is friendly and good. Very helpful person. Just a little bit regretful, we when don’t have a chance to see the sunset from viewpoint and go to Promthtep Cape.(sorry for misspelling) Also we don’t have any chance to taste Durian… so bad …hahaha… but we enjoy our holiday.. We’d like to go to Phuket again next time in the future, when the children are older to see Phuket Fantasea and Simon Cabaret.. and go to Phi2 island… maybe enjoy some elephant trekking….hahahahah… So many thing to see ya… so little time… Above all, we glad to choose JC Tour as our travel agent during our holiday.. Thank you so much for your help and kind cooperation.. And very sorry, I don’t have a chance to chit chat with you personally because I have to take care my youngest son.. ;D Thank you again for your service… and keep up a good work !! Best regards, Agnes

By : Timothy Tan Date : 05/07/2010
We enjoyed with the trip to PP Island Maya Bay and Khai Island. It's rainning a little bit on the way back but we dont worry because we got warm take care from the guide ( Tanya ) and crews. Thank you very much Regards, Timothy Tan

By : Stephanie Tjong Date : 03/07/2010
Dear Jc.Tour, I would like to tell you that I'm happy with your service while in Phuket. The guide is very friendly, the pick-up is always on-time. Looking forward to see you in next future. :) Regards, Stephanie

By : Samuel Situmorang Date : 30/06/2010
Thankful Expression from my group. Dear Mr. Jesada and JC Tour staf, I would like to thank you for your professional and kind service during our holiday visit in Phuket on June 23rd until 26th, 2010. Your services to my group with 22 people have made a long last beautiful memory for all of our mind and attract us to use your service or JC Tour service more and more in the future. I would also like to thank for the special discount to my group for two days visiting Phi Phi + Maya Bay and Khai Island tour and Phuket city tour with the professional care by JC Tour staff during the tour day in Phuket. I would like to thank you also for the telephone calling to my mobile in my country one day before our trip to Phuket and all the very kind attention to our E-mail communication before my group travel to Phuket including the transfer to Phuket International Airport early in the morning. You have made all of us feel safe and we do experience a wonderful time in Phuket. I do recommend to every one or every group that willing to travel to Phuket to use your service or JC Tour service. I would also like to recommend JC Tour Service to other groups in my country that planning to visit Phuket for holiday. Thank you very very much. Samuel Situmorang Medan, Indonesia

By : Nikhil Dogra Date : 28/06/2010
Dear Jc.Tour Phuket, It was a wonderful visit we had with JC Tours, we are grateful for their Professional, Friendly, Helpful, Loveable nature of treating guests. I especially apprecaite the efforts of Mr. Jesada & Ms, Kate (Wa-han Namwaan Wa-han's) (Friendly Tour Guide for Phuket city tour) which made our trip DREAM TRIP. I would like to thank each one of then who made the trip a memorable trip from Mr. Jasmine (loved his name lol) to the techno dudes on the speed boat to the drivers, and to the cook who prepared local food at Nipa Resort,Phuket. They all need a promotion :-) Also find attached one of the few crazy pics which shows then enjoyment of the guests & warm hospitality of JC Tours. Please let me know when you upload the pic,Thank You all again for your services, hope to see u soon in chaing mai ! Regards Nikhil Dogra

By : Li Hong Chang Date : 27/06/2010
Thank you Mr.Jesada. We enjoyed with PP Island + Maya Bay + KHai Island and we satisfied free of charge transfer in (Airport to Patong Resort), thank you very much again for your service. Cheer!!!!!!!!! Li HOng Chang

By : Alan Low Date : 27/06/2010
Hi Jc.Tour , Thank you for your good service. We are happy with PP Island very much . It's ver beautiful ocean in Phuket. We had good experience there. Best Regards, Alan Low and Alvin

By : Adeline Lew Date : 24/06/2010
Hi Ms. Kaewka & Jesada, We are very pleased with JC Tour�s service. We had lots of fun on the PP Island tour, Elephant Trekking/ATV/White Water Rafting, and Fantasea Show. All pick-ups are on time, and staff is friendly. The additional offer for a driver and car service with complimentary comes in as a nice gesture of your Company. We will definitely recommend your tours to our friends (In fact, I�ve just send your link to my colleagues). Our family had a very enjoyable time in Phuket, and will look forward to your service again when we are back next time. Regards, Adeline Lew

By : Tan Hann Lun Date : 23/06/2010
Dear Jc Tour, Thank you and your agency for providing us with such a good service. We are pleased to say that we were satisfied with the services provided. The tour guide was a very nice person and very friendly. He did a great job as well as the speedboat crews. The schedule was well planned and we did enjoy the trip much though the voyage was a bit long and exhausting. Yet, we were fascinated and enjoyed our time. And again, thank you for the service and the tour had give me wonderful memories. Best regards, Tan Hann Lun.


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